Hand Sanitiser & Dispensers

CleanedUp provides a range of hand sanitising solutions that are simple to install and use. Our focus is to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Sanitiser Solution

CleanedUp has a continuous source of 70% Alcohol sanitiser to ensure your venues can remain open and safe.

Free delivery when ordering 4+ units.

Over 33,000 Dispensers Delivered

5L Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Our 5L stations enable a safer environment for your customers and staff. Perfect for all public access areas, such as retail outlets, restaurants, pubs, cafes, receptions, and small/medium footfall venues. Requires refill after 2500 uses.

Sanitiser Solution

Our solution is 70% alcohol and has been approved by the World Health Organisation. You can choose to purchase as a one off or subscribe, to get refills delivered to you monthly.

Made In The UK

We manufacture all our sanitiser dispensers in the UK ensuring we support the economy and other UK businesses.


We're also proud supporters of the Save The High Street initiative which provides support to independent venues across the UK.

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